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A Snap Shot of Volunteering as an Intern on our Wildlife Conservation Project in Sri Lanka

Chris Cheng is a student at the University of Kent, majoring in Wildlife Conservation. In August 2014 Chris set off from England to Sri Lanka on an internship to our project in Sri Lanka.

Before travelling to Sri Lanka Chris worked as an office assistant at a dog shelter and had volunteered at a bird theatre in a theme park in England.

In Chris’s final year he had to write a dissertation on a topic of his choice to graduate. Chris wanted to study elephants and came across our elephant research...

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We have a winner!

After two rounds of entries, much deliberation (and a judging panel of travel geniuses) later… we have a winner of our 20 Year Challenge competition!

We were super impressed with Hannah Stephen’s entry – her suggestion being that they curate a vegetable patch in our ‘Work with Children in a Township’ project in South Africa.

Hannah was so excited when she heard the news:

‘I am ecstatic to have won the competition, there were some great ideas put forward and I'm privileged to be able to...

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Top 7 Reasons Why Volunteering Boosts your Employability

It's Results Day tomorrow. GULP. If you're planning on not going to uni this year, you've just finished or you're just planning a couple of weeks off work, then volunteering could be you.

So, how does volunteering boost your CV?

1) Gain New Skills

By getting stuck in on one of our volunteering projects, you're sure to pick up a load of new skills along the way. Ever needed to showcase an example of 'teamwork' in an interview process? This is it!

2) Employers Rate It

We conducted a survey that...

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Conservation Effort: Belize Style!

Want to do something worthwhile this year? Join our Dive and Marine Conservation project in Belize this September and help our team in country support the local marine population during 'Lionfish month'.

Over the last five years the lionfish population has exploded, with devastating consequences for other marine life in Belize. With an extremely high rate of reproduction (and no predators) they're known to eat other forms of endangered wildlife, and damage the ecological landscape. 


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The 20 Year Challenge: Where YOU Could Go

Now our 20 Year Challenge is in full swing, we thought we'd give you all the lowdown on WHERE our latest adventure could take you...

... which in short, is basically anywhere. Here at i-to-i we have projects in 29 countries located all over the world. Check out some of our most unique destinations in our snazzy list below:

The Amazon Rainforest: The Amazon Rainforest literally covers the half the size of Europe. Crazy. In 'that much' space lies so many incredible species, and on our projects...

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Team i-to-i: Our 20 year donations (and tips and tricks)

When we told the team here at i-to-i that they couldn’t enter our ‘volunteer ambassador’ competition, they were a little sad/jealous/over the moon for one of you!
So to inspire you all, we thought we'd ask a few members of team i-to-i what they'd donate if they were allowed to enter. Check out our cheeky tips below to see what sort of thing we're looking for...
What to do:
- Be creative! We want to see ideas that will surprise us - so think outside of the box. (We loved i-to-i's George idea...
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The 20 Year Challenge: Why We're Looking For An Ambassador

In case you hadn’t heard, 2014 is a big year for us. We’ve turned 20! To celebrate we wanted to do something big for the 60,000 strong i-to-i community, and thought that looking for a new i-to-i ambassador seemed like the ideal fit.
Not only do we want our new ambassador to be as passionate about making a difference as we are, but we’re also looking for somebody who’s looking to celebrate the milestone with us and host our 20thyear birthday party. We love ALL of our projects (and frankly,...
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Meaningful Tour: The Malaysian Orangutan Experience

Here at i-to-i, we get super excited when we hear that a customer has had an awesome time on one of our volunteering adventures,  especially when they're going on a Round The World with us! Fiona Steventon is travelling with us until October 2014, and back in April she encountered Borneo for herself...

'I arrived in Kuching having spent a few days diving the magnificent Sipidan and I thought I may have peaked too early! I was mistaken. Basaga Residences was a lovely place to prepare for the...

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What i-to-i means to us...

First and foremost, our aim here at i-to-i is to make a difference. Since 1994 we've sent over 50,000 volunteers out to our projects, who've contributed to over a million hours of hard work and this year it's our 20th birthday.

To get into the spirit of the occasion we asked team i-to-i on what the experience meant to them, and we had some fantastic answers that we just had to share with you. So here goes; here's the incredible team i-to-i with what they think about us...



Follow us over on...

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Team i-to-i - how volunteering has affected us! (Hannah)

At i-to-i HQ, we’re all incredibly passionate about volunteering and making a difference. Hannah, who works in our Aussie office in Melbourne has volunteered all over Africa – check out her story below:
‘Volunteering abroad in Kenya seriously changed my life for the better. I came back a completely different person. 
It is so important to go into volunteering with an open mind. It will certainly be a different experience and can be confronting but you will get out of it what you are willing...
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