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Volunteering in Surin: 'Day in the Life!'

Hi everyone, we've just finished the 'helping under privileged children' project in Surin, North Thailand. We thought we'd give you a bit of a day in the life style of what to expect... check out everything we've got up to over the last four weeks!

8:30 We get picked up by our coordinator (Tuk, she was amazing!) with the other volunteers. It's about an half an hour drive, and if there's a few of you, you get to sit in the back of the truck and enjoy the scenery (and the cool breeze) along the...

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Volunteering in Surin, Thailand

Hello from Surin!

We thought it was about time we introduced ourselves! Our names are Melissa and Becky and last year we won the Ultimate Year Out with i-to-i! We left to embark on our adventure a few weeks ago, and as we've now settled in to our volunteering project we thought we'd update you with what we've been up to.

The project started in Bangkok with an orientation with our fellow volunteers, followed by a meal and some drinks, which gave us time to get to know each other and find out...

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Ask me anything about volunteering in Mombasa!

Or should I say jambo?
My name is Katie and I've been to Kenya three times, two of those times I was volunteering in Mombasa at children's homes. I love it there and can't WAIT to go back again soon!
If you have any questions about:
* What Mombasa is like 
* What volunteering is like in Mombasa 
* What to wear to the projects 
* What the food is like 
* (Most importantly - what the nightlife is like!)
Anything really :) Ask away!
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David Cameron was Inspired by his Gap Year Experience!

Even the Prime Minister has given gap years the thumbs up! David reckons he wouldn't be where he is today without a year out for reflection and growth!

According to
'Britain's prime minister may well have ended up on a completely different career path, had it not been for his gap year travel as a student, which inspired him to seek a future in politics.
David Cameron, who guest edited the latest edition of the Big Issue, wrote in the magazine that he had always felt "a few...
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China Dos and Don’ts

Whatever you’re planning to do in China: teach English, look after pandas, sit around sipping cheap beer, it’s worth knowing about a few rules of etiquette to help you avoid offending anyone.
While Chinese people are almost universally friendly and welcoming, it’s worth taking note of a few bits of etiquette before you go to stop them feeling uncomfortable and you looking like a berk. Plus, you’ll find people are much more welcoming if you respect their traditions, meaning you’ll have a much...
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Dress code in China?

Ok, so just wondering for those who have been/are going to China - what's the dress code like? As in what's considered culturally acceptable and what would be considered offensive?
I would imagine that the more cosmopolitan cities would be less conservative, but what about some poorer areas? Would going in a sleeveless be considered immodest? Shorts above the knees rude? Necklines? These are the stupid questions that perhaps only a girl would ask and be concerned about but seriously, I don't...
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Asia: Off the Beaten Track

Discover the lesser travelled moutains, landscapes and rainforests of the east, and experience truly traditional culture while you're at it
Asia is a bit like a good magic trick; a constant source of amazement and surprise that you’re never completely sure you understand. Just when you think you’ve reached the bottom you turn the corner to find your new favourite place. If we didn’t book a return ticket before we left I’m sure very few of us would come home again! There aren’t many well kept...
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Chinglish! Hilarious examples of signs lost in translation

With the sad news today that travellers to China will see fewer weirdly translated signs, I thought you'd all enjoy these:
Also, if you're wanting to head off to China, today's your last day to get 10% off our amazing Teach in China internship, which allows people to get TEFL qualified, spend five months getting in-classroom experience in China AND earn £1,300. Pretty... Read More

Volunteer Abroad

We know that volunteering is a great and worthwhile use of your time - but how does it help projects overseas?
One volunteer might not seem like much, but one person can make a huge amount of difference to the smallest of projects.
With a bewildering array of gap year choices at your feet, make sure volunteering is on your list.
Working together towards a...
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Elephant village, Surin - Part 3 of my trip to Thailand

After my trip to beautiful Koh Tao and spending one more night/day in Bangkok it was finally the day that I waited for…it was time to go to Surin…the elephants! YAY…my whole trip I was so excited to go to the elephant village, I just couldn’t stop talking about it!
So after an overnight trip we arrived early morning in Surin town centre and one of the mahouts was waiting for us. A mahout is someone that looks after an elephant (they own their own elephant…how cool is that!). So it was now...
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