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Thailand bucket list – 8 things to experience before you snuff it!

Thailand, with its pristine white beaches, pulsating cities and fascinating culture is a dream for travellers – but where to start? Sometimes the wealth of things to do can be overwhelming, so we’ve put together a Thailand bucket list – 8 must-do experiences to get out the way before you croak!
1. Get wet during Songkran festival 
During Thai new year celebrations in April, the whole country descends into three days of water-fight mayhem. The streets (especially around tourist centres like...
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Great Ideas of Stuff To Do For Sponsorship

So far, we’ve covered events that you can organise to raise cash for your gap year – but what if you’ve not got enough spare time or are a bit nervous about taking on something so ambitious?

If that’s the case, you might want to think about doing something interesting/challenging/funny or just plain mad to do for sponsorship. Come up with the wackiest idea you can and you’ll find lots of people willing to support you – Don’t forget your official i-to-i sponsorship form for people to fill in...

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What Is A Gap Year?

A refreshing break before or after your studies, or just a chance to see the world? What does a gap year mean to you?

Everyone’s heard of it, but what exactly is it? The Encarta dictionary describes it as:

“A period of time taken off by a student after the completion of secondary education and before starting higher or further education.”

But that’s not strictly true. You see, you can take a gap year before or after university. You could even take a year out during your course and come back to...

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Travel Guide to Inoculations! The what, who, where and how about them!

Setting off overseas can be an exciting, adventurous and even life changing experience but.....don't forget to be prepared! Make sure you're going to stay healthy in country by getting the right jabs and potions to keep you in tip top shape for all those adventures!

So you’ve planned your perfect 6 month working abroad trip and every 2 months you’ll be moving on to a different country. You’ve got everything sorted, your working Visas have been approved, you’ve been making lists of what to...

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7 Fun Facts About Thailand!

Courtesy of the lovely folk over at Lonely Planet and their 12th Guide to Thailand, (, here are our favourite fun facts about the Land of Smiles:

1. Record breakers 
Eat your heart out Guinness World Records Smashed!, Thailand has some of the most Guinness World Records per person in the world, including largest ever aerobics workout, biggest hamburger, man with longest hair and most linked skydivers.

2. Gives you wings… 
Red Bull, the rather famous energy drink, has...

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The World’s Cheapest Countries to Live In

Living abroad can be an exciting, mind-opening experience and is the best way to learn about new cultures. But it's made even better if your money goes further than at does at home. Find out which countries offer the most bang for your buck.
In the west, we’ve gotten used to over-paying for things: car parking charges, expensive housing, rip-off public transport, beers that cost as much as your hourly wage, the list goes on… Thankfully, there are plenty of countries where your money goes...
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Welcome to campfire!

Welcome to Campfire, i-to-i's new blog run by the wonderful Laura and amazing Will Jones.

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