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Ayung Sari Indah- Health & Fitness Retreat- BEWARE

Arrived in Bali very late on Sunday night......2am by the time I reached Ayung Sari Indah behind the village of Singaprang about 30 minutes out of Ubud....to start my week. A glass of their infamous lemongrass tea awaited me as I settled into my balinese style bungalow and had a look at the program for the week. As an added bonus we were joined by Alison Braun-“Runner Up Biggest Loser”- to provide added motivation!!
The blurb on the website said "Learn how to balance your lifestyle and make the most of every day through exercise, relaxation and good food with Marni and Alison!
Get fit, feel GREAT!"
WELL the blurb was right; 
*exercise sessions once or twice a day including a jungle trek where we learnt about the fresh food that abounds among the greenery, 
*a yoga session with Gaby who left us feeling totally relaxed mentally if not physically, 
*spa session at Bodyworks in Ubud - a full body exfoliation, rose petal bath and full body massage to soothe our aching limbs!!! 
*even time for a bit of retail therapy in Ubud including a bit of bartering to get the best bargains....and 
*cooking class with the wonderful Gusti who shared the recipes for some of the wonderful foods we were dining on.
It was "no walk in the park" but each of us- 6 participants in all- had our own goals that we were working towards in the 5 days of the retreat. I could hardly walk at times but others were so supportive that it kept you going. Alison was truly inspirational- openly discussing her journey to date- it was an honour to have her thoughts, dreams and ideas shared with us.
The week was over all to quickly and I had to leave the beauty and serenity of Ayung Sari Indah and our wonderful hosts Wayan and Karen...........will just have to start planning my next visit to this beautiful retreat where the outside world seems so far away.
This was my second trip to this "little piece of paradise on earth" and I can highly recommend it to anyone looking for time out in a beautiful location with the added bonus of keeping fit, challenging yourself, relaxing and generally having a fantastic time..............
Karen and Wayan run numerous retreats each with a different focus.....check out the website and choose what suits your lifestyle.
My only piece of advice is be sure to BRING YOUR OWN CAMERA AND BE SURE TO TAKE LOTS OF YOUR OWN PHOTOS...nothing worse than getting home and finding that you should have taken more photos or another good option is find others in your group willing to SHARE AND EXCHANGE their photos with you.......... This is what spoilt my latest trip.....photos not shared AND ONE ACTUALLY CHARGING $200 AUD FOR HIS PHOTOS. People have been happy to use the photos I've put up but it has not been reciprocated...SO... please learn from my lesson and don't be left disappointed.
The attitudes I've been subjected to since returning from this retreat has been horrific - verbal abuse etc simply because I questioned the issue of one person wanting to charge for their photos. In all honesty I dont see myself returning again given the lack of empathy, support etc.....I fear the venture has now become too comercialised and the "human" factor is fast disappearing. I can no longer recommend this as I would hate someone else to go through what I have since returning - happy to provide additional information to anyone considering a trip just drop me a line....


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Jane, you might be interested in the following....the timing seemed right for you so would be worth considering. Great value - classic balinese bungalows, THE most delicious fresh food plus SO much more............

On SALE Now! August 15th Retreat is now open for bookings, spend 6Days & 5Nights with the gorgeous Alison Braun "2008 Runner Up Biggest Loser" in the lush moutains of Ubud... relax, re-energise and revive. All accommodation, meals and program activities included only $1495*. For more information email:marni@activeinmotion.com.au LIMITED TO ONLY 13PPL SO BOOK EARLY *Flights not included. AUD.

Let me know your thoughts. 

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Sounds absolute bliss . . . I'm meeting my sister in Bali in August, we were thinking of doing something like this - so thanks for the recommendation!

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