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Overcome your phobias with a little adventure travel

Afraid of the dark? Terrified of sky dives? Adventure travel can be the perfect way to unleash the fearless globe trotter within you!
For the fearless traveller, adventure activities are just a bit of fun. But for travellers with a phobia, adventure activities can offer an opportunity to overcome their fears and really accomplish something. So whether you've got a niggling fear or a full on phobia, give yourself a real challenge on your travels by taking control.
Before we go into the specific activities you can challenge yourself with, it's worth mentioning that overcoming a phobia isn't easy. That's why we're giving you different levels of fear, so you can choose one to suit you. Even then, there's nothing wrong with backing down. A phobia is a very real fear and you should never feel that you're being silly because you're not.
If you're taking the first steps towards overcoming your fear of heights, start with a spot of trekking. This way, you'll get to see some incredible views and look down on the world from a fantastic height, without seeing a significant drop before you.
For the more adventurous, there's rock climbing. This activity will push you over the edge towards your worst fear. You'll be securely held by ropes and safety harnesses though and they should make you feel a little better. This is an attention-demanding activity, so you'll be so busy concentrating on your next handhold that you won't really have time to worry about the height.
And finally, there are two activities for the real thrill seekers. The first is bungee jumping. This hair-raising activity can be too challenging for people who aren't scared of heights, let alone those who are. So if you don't like heights and you still pull off a bungee jump, well you deserve a serious pat on the back. The second is sky diving. Jumping out of a plane is never easy, so you can safely say that it's the ultimate challenge for vertigo sufferers.
It might sounds strange but scuba diving is the first activity to challenge yourself with. Being secured within an oxygen mask, deep under the sea can set off a claustrophobic episode. It's not quite as scary as being locked in a box, but it certainly deserves some recognition.
There's no middle ground with claustrophobia, but there are two really challenging activities. The first is caving. You'll encounter a range of large and small spaces when caving and that can be really challenging for people who are scared of enclosed spaces. What is perhaps more scary, however, is the fact that there's no easy way out. Potholing is infinitely worse. Lowering yourself into the earth will take all your guts and you'll know that however far in you get, you have to go through it all again to get out.
Fear of water can be devastating when you travel to hot locations. Watching your friends taking a dip in the sea or turning their hand to the range of water sports on offer can be frustrating. So start yourself off with a gentle swim and if that goes OK, move onto snorkelling.
From there you can take your pick. Activities like surfing, jet skiing and white water rafting are great fun, but you're almost guaranteed to be tipped into the water at some point. Alternatively, you could opt for complete immersion and have a go at a spot of scuba diving. The choice is yours, it just depends how brave you're feeling.
Last but not least, the fear of flying. It's the travellers nightmare, but if you're going to overcome it by travelling, you might as well get it completely out of your system. There are plenty of opportunities to go up in light aircrafts as you travel and you might even be able to take the controls. Alternatively, you could have a go at paragliding; it's not quite flying, but it's just as scary. And then there's the ultimate challenge; sky diving. Not only will you be going up in a plane, but you'll be jumping out of it.
So, will you turn your travels into an opportunity? Will you overcome your fears and have an adventure to boot? It promises to be the experience of a lifetime, but it's not for the light-hearted.

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